Custom Art Journal Form

Questionnaire for Custom Art Journals

By LuLu Too Beaucoup

This questionnaire is for 1 journal/scrapbook/smashbook
(Right click and Select this column only, by highlighting from top to bottom. Right click, select Copy, open your word processor and paste into a new document, Save. Complete this form in your word processor, saving frequently. Then send the completed form as an attachment to:
Time frame / Deadline:
1.      What year do you need this custom book to be delivered to you?
·        2019? ____
·        2020? ____
·        2021? ____
2.      What month and / or any particular date – or event - do you need this custom book? ______
3.      Is this custom book order a gift? ______
Note: For a Christmas (December) delivery, your book must be ordered and $150 deposit received by Aug 7th of any year - PLUS your photos PLUS memorabilia PLUS ephemera must be in my hands before September 15th.
Please note that this custom book by LuLu is a labor of love – and as such, will be created over a period of weeks (or possibly months depending on my production schedule) with great attention to detail and using quality materials.
Themes(s) check all that apply:
1.      Paris ______
2.      Family
a.      Baby ______
b.      Father / Mother ______
c.       Sibling ______
d.      Child ______
e.      Other relative ______
3.      Heritage ______
4.      Hobbies ______
5.      Holiday (s) which?  _____ ______ ______
6.      Memories ______
7.      Sport ______
8.      Travel/ Holidays / Vacations (non-Paris) ______
9.      Wedding Honeymoon ______
10.   Wedding Reception ______
11.   Wedding Service ______
12.   Other event / other occasion / other theme ______
13.   My Life (combination of all of the above themes) ______
·        What is your fave color - or of gift recipient? ______________
·        What 3 colors do you want to be used in your book or gift recipient’s book? ______________
o   Note: gold and silver are always used as accents.
·        What color(s), if any, should be avoided? _______________________
·        What is your nickname  or gift recipient’s nickname, you want to be used in book? _____________________________________
·        Birthdate – yours or of gift recipient? mm/dd/yyyy __________
·        What TITLE (3 words max) did you have in mind for this custom book? ____________________
o   If not, I will devise a TITLE based either on your first name, or the location of your photos.
·        Will you be submitting/shipping any journaling, notes, ephemera, memorabilia, rub ons - stickers or scrapbooking embellishments or other supplies to me for this commission? If so, please explain, in detail.
o  Embellishments__________________________________________________________________________
o  Ephemera______________________________________________________________________________
o   Journaling (please attach separate Sheets)
o   Memorabilia ____________________________________________________________________________
o   Notes (please attach separate Sheets)
o   Rub-ons / Stickers ________________________________________________________________________
·        If not, please provide a list of your travels, hobbies and interests – or of gift recipient. (Please attach separate Sheet) I will collect and/or buy stickers and papers based on your travels, hobbies and interests or of gift recipient – since you will not be providing any memorabilia, ephemera or materials with the photos.
Photo Sizes and Counts:
Fyi: My Custom Books have a capacity of 72 photos -
(60 photos (combinations of sizes 3" x 5" and 4" x 6", PLUS  12 photos sized 5" x 7" - for total of 72 photos max)
·        How many photos total - including all sizes? ______________
·        How many photos total of each size below?
o   3” x 5”? ____
o   4” x 6”? ____
o   5” x 7”? ____
o   Other sizes? ____________
·        How many photos are larger than 5” x 7”? If so, they will need to be reduced to 3” x 5” with white borders.
o   How many oversize photos that you will reduce yourself? _____
o   How many B and W photos should I reduce? ______
§  fee for oversized B and W photos is $7.50 per photo -  to scan + reduce + print on matte photo paper.

o   How many COLOR photos should I reduce? ______
§  fee for oversized COLOR photos is $12.50 per photo - to scan + reduce + print on matte photo paper.
·        CONSULTATIONS (In-home, or in-studio,  or via email)
1.      Are you requesting an in-home consultation at your non-Chicago location? If so, client agrees to pay all my travel expenses (lodging, meals, car rental/taxis, air/ground transport) + $250 presentation/demo fee (1 hour minimum,  + 1 overnight stay minimum at Hampton Inn & Suites or other Hilton property nearest to your address) _________

2.      Are you requesting an in-studio consultation fee at on of my Illinois studios - either Chicago or Blue Island? If so, $50 consultation fee applies, for 2 hours minimum. (Check one) Chicago  _____ Blue Island _____

3.      Are you requesting an email consultation? If so, unlimited Email consultation is FREE. ____________
·        What city, state and country are you located in? ______
·        What is your zip code? _______
·        What is the postal address where finished custom book should be shipped including zip code?
·        What is your full name? _______________________________________
      What is your email address? ___________________________________
      What is your phone number for urgent communications? ____________
Design and Artistic Decisions:
Although I may contact you with questions from time to time, I work with ‘carte blanche’ authority. That means, you are giving me complete artistic control. I will make ALL artistic and design decisions – including buying appropriate supplies and embellishments. I will present you with a gorgeous handcrafted book (in a lovely presentation / storage box) that you, or gift recipient, will be proud to display and handle for years to come.
Delivery Options (pick one):
Note: we ship to the Continental US, Canada, and Mexico. If you need your book shipped elsewhere, additional shipping fees will apply. No P.O boxes.
1.      Do you want this custom book Shipped to your postal address above? If not, enter different postal address: __________________________________________________________________________________________
2.      Do you want to pick up this custom  book at one of my studios? If so, which studio?
·        Chicago, IL 60643? ____
·        Blue Island. IL 60406 ?______  
3.      Do you want your book Delivered by me personally to your non-Chicago area home? If so, client agrees to pay ALL of my travel expenses (lodging, meals, car rental/taxis, air/ground transport) + $250 presentation/demo fee (1 hour minimum,  + 1 overnight stay minimum at Hampton Inn & Suites or other Hilton property nearest to your address)
Packaging and Shipping – completed book:
All books are wrapped in a swath of luxurious fabric selected by me,  and nestled inside a fancy presentation / storage box lined with protective Styrofoam covered in another layer of luxurious fabric. Dimensions of the presentation / storage box are approximately:  12” D x 20” L x 12” H
Presentation box with book will be INSURED and  shipped from my local shipper and you will get the tracking number.
Checklist – for submitting your photos and materials:
(Use this Checklist after we have agreed on the final price, estimated delivery date and your deposit has been paid. Follow the Checklist, make a copy of completed for yourself, and include your original completed Checklist in your package)
Please ship your package INSURED.
·        PHOTO COUNT – total count of all photos submitted for this commission – list total on 3” x 5” card or 3” x 5” piece of paper
·        Photos: Each photo must be individually labeled on back (in black photo pencil) hand PRINTED with:
1.      who, and when and where, if known
2.      what, and how, and why? if known
3.      Or answers to the same questions above, hand printed legibly (or typed) on a piece of paper and clipped to each photo
·        Baggies (Hefty 2.5 gallon Ziploc)  labeled with event or location (use a 3” x 5” card or 3 x 5 piece of paper) placed in the bag on top of everything with label visible
·        Appropriate photos sorted into appropriately labeled baggie, including count
·        Appropriate memorabilia and/or ephemera and/or other materials and/or supplies sorted into appropriately labeled baggie, including count.
How did you find me? __________________________________________
Please contact me ASAP with any questions.
Thank you! I am excited about the possibility of creating your custom book!

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