Friday, April 1, 2011

'Giveaway! Giveaway! LuLu's 100th Post Giveaway!' ENDED

by Mary Lou Haynes


Howdy and Welcome,

This is the day! Hold on to your hats!

To celebrate my 100th Post I'm offering a Giveaway for you - my Wonderful Followers!


Click above to enlarge free goodies prize list!

If you are an artist who creates Altered Books, Assemblages or Art Journals, or if you've always wanted  to create Art Journals, Assemblages or Altered Books, this is the Giveaway for you!
Please spread the word - you do not need to play to post on your blog.

Giveaway deadline is midnight May 1, 2011 CT.

Here' what you need to do:
-Become a Follower.

-Surf my blog to find 2 of my tutorials that you would like to try (or select two of my tutorials that you have already tried) - and make a note of their two titles. You'll need the two titles below...

-Add a post to your blog referring to this post (or add the picture in your blog sidebar  - you have permission to copy this picture) with a link back to this Giveaway post.
-Add a comment to this post and include: the titles of my two tutorials that you'd like to try (or the titles of my tutorials that you have already tried), a short blurb explaining why you want to try or have tried the tutorials (blurb optional), AND include a link back to your blog entry (or a link back to your sidebar post).

END DATE: midnight May 1, 2011 CT.

Enter as often as you like, but for each entry you must submit a separate comment under this blog post that lists 2 different tutorial titles.


- Residents of the continental USA are eligible. Residents of Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico and residents of other countries are not eligble for this giveaway. Sorry!
- Everyone worldwide is eligible! No residency restrictions!
- You must have a blog, have an email account and be a Follower of this blog.


Winner will be selected by me based on your comments to this post. Winner will be announced on this blog before midnight May 5, 2011 CT. Winner must contact me via email before midnight May 8, 2011 CT with their email address and postal address to claim prizes. If winner does not contact me via email by midnight May 8, 2011 CT, they forfeit the prizes - and I will select and announce online another blogger to win the prizes.

Good luck!

Thanks to all of you for following my work!
You have made playing in the blogosphere rewarding and inspiring for me. Thanks for visiting - and if you decide to participate thanks for playing - and please come back again real soon!



Linda R said...

Hi LuLu - I'm so excited, I could just bust!! What a fabulous, awesome, generous, and inspiring GIVEAWAY ;-)

I began as a scrapbooker, then discovered altering, soldering, mixed media and most recently art journaling!! One thing has just led me to another and discovering a cool blog like yours allows me to develop and grow on the inside and then let it all ooze out as an artist.

I never understood the "art journal" and it's purpose until this year when I started trying totally new mediums and techniques and the lightbulb FINALLY went off when I couldn't remember it all! In the past I saw it as wasting product - sometimes I can be so silly LOL.

I am now following you, have subscribed and can't wait to check out and try:
#1 Transfer using Contact Paper - I have read all about transfers many times and have never wanted to try it til NOW - contact paper? this is going to be FUN.
#2 Drunken Scotch Technique - This one I'm totally over the moon excited to try as I have lots of alcohol inks, love them and always looking for another way to use them. This looks to have amazing gorgeous results - thanks!

I've put you on my sidebar and have my fingers and toes crossed until you select the winner in May - I sure hope I'm the lucky fan, stalker (just kidding), lurker, follower, subscriber.

Thank you so much for this opportunity and for sharing yourself and CONGRATS on the 100th post - you go girl.

Linda R.

LuLu said...

Howdy All,
Look for more 100th Giveaway news soon - I think you will like it!


peggy aplSEEDS said...

hi, Lulu, i finally found the time to surf for those tutorial titles... congratulations on your 100th post and thanks so much for the chance to win!
1. check, i am a follower already
2. check, the two tutorials - embossed metal flags (great results but i'm not sure if we have that aluminum material here) and the drunken scotch technique (i like these "messy" techniques!)
3. check, picture and link to giveaway on sidebar
4. comment, check!
thank you for including your international readers in your giveaway!

peggy aplSEEDS said...

and since i really, really want to win (and guess what i will be in the US in early May), here are 2 more tutorial titles for another entry - Mina - Waiting (i love how you were able to alter this image) and image transfer using contact paper (again, i'll have to check where contact paper is available here.)

LuLu said...

Howdy Peggy,

Thanks for playing.

Where to find supplies:

ALUMINUM REPAIR TAPE@ any hardware store - usually in plumbing supplies, comes in a roll, tape is 2 inches wide

CONTACT PAPER @ home remodeling stores, comes in assortrd colors and patterns - but you want CLEAR contact paper. Usually contact paper is used for lining shelves in kitchen cabinets and linen closets.

I love 'Mina Waiting' too. She mesmerizes me - did you notice that each eye of Mina's eyes is a different color?

Good Luck!


HeARTworks said...

Have been a follower for some time and posted your giveaway on my sidebar ( Your metal flags tutorial is really cool but I don't have a die cut or embossing machine. Maybe I can try it without the machine and just etch on it. The contact paper transfer seems like something I could use. Thanks for sharing your joy! Patsy from

The Artful Diva said...

Dear Lulu,

Such a generous give-away. This is my first visit to your blog and I'm happy to have found you. I plan to try these tutorials: embossed metal flag and drunken scotch.
I will post your blog give-away on the sidebar of my blog
Please enter me in your drawing.

The Artful Diva said...


I received an email, but I cannot tell from this who the winners are. If I'm a winner - YIPPEE - if not, congratulations to the lucky people who are!!

Kind regards,

LuLu said...

Howdy Pat,
Thanks for stopping by.

Here is the winner post:

Please come back again soon.


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