Monday, September 20, 2010

'Inkjet Image Transfer Tutorial...more lab results and tutorial'

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This week I've been experimenting with image transfers from my 2 home computer's inkjet printers with dye ink (an hp and an Epson large format). As many folks who have tried to make image transfers know, it seems like the best results really do come from images printed at the local copy store with toner.

Nevertheless, I still wanted to try my hand with the inkjet printer. I've had some success, mostly with printing on transparencies, not paper. The paper images are fair, but they take a lot more rubbing than I want to spend time doing. And the results are a bit more opaque than I like - I like the clearness of the images from the transparencies. I think I'm going to stick with the transparencies (from office supply stores).

I print several images on one sheet, so as not to waste any space on the transparency - it ain't cheap! I spray the printed image with 'workable fixative' (outside in the backyard for ventilation) and let the image set for one or more days.

Paint a thin even layer of matte medium (Liquitex) on transpaency and let dry (overnight worked well for me). Repeat 4 times. (tedious!)

When all 5 layers are dry, 'fussy cut' each image out of the sheet. Place an image in container of hot water.

I found that if I let each piece sit in a container of hot water for 10-15 minutes, the 'film' peels off the transparency easier. I placed several in the hot water at the same time to soak.   

Wait until you see the edges curling away from the transparency, then gently peel of the 'film' with your hands underwater. Keeping it in the water works best while you're gently peeling.

When completely peeled off, lay image on paper towel, pat dry with another paper towel. I'm storing mine between sheets of copy paper. Now I have a stash ready to go.

This process has worked for me. All my images were black and white. I'll post some photos soon.

Inkjet on Transparency with workable fixative - excellent.
Inkjet on paper - fair.
Toner on paper - excellent.
Toner on paper with packing tape (not matte medium) - excellent, if you like a glossy, slick surface.

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