Wednesday, September 11, 2013

'WOYWW - LuLu's Mini-studio Makeover and Tour - 11 Sep 2013!"

by Mary Lou 'LuLu' Haynes

Howdy and Welcome,

This weeks WOYWW is a mini-studio tour of my recent Makeover!

Workstation table was just not working well enough for the art I need to produce. Also, I'm desperate for more counter space. Decided that WOYWW was impetus to re-organize.

This is a mini-studio tour and mini-studio makeover - 'mini' because I still need to move my scrapbooking rolling totes out of this studio. Thanks to Hubby who is cleaning up basement so I can store scrapbooking supplies downstairs!

Tuesday P M

Tuesday Evening


Look at all the clear space - just begging for the next project - yippee!

No longer used glass vessels on top of kitchen cart that I'd originally commandeered from the jewelry studio. I'll be using the middle shelf of this rolling cart for my most used tools. The glass vessels will be returned to a vintage hutch my jewelry studio.
Top shelf of cart will add much needed counter space! Yay!

Are you happy with the configuration/layout of your studio? If so, what are your 3 fave things you like the most? If not, what are the 3 most annoying/aggravating things you like least or want to change/fix ASAP?

Thanks for stopping by - would love for you to comment on this post - or any of my other posts.

For more studio spaces, click here to visit WOYWW!

Mini-Studio makeover
Tue, 10 Sep  2013

Mini-Studio Makeover
Wed, 11 Sep 2013

P.S. My Blogoversary GIVEAWAY is coming soon! Stay tuned...

Libra Birthday Girls - shh-hhh-hhh-hhh-hhh!
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Francesca said...

Hi Lulu, almways nice to have a tidy up. Even since I have done mine, I have be able to work better cos I can find everything , and not tripping over stuff on the floor. Hugs francesca #47

MeOfCourse said...

Hi Lulu. Yes, I've been working on my studio as well. Pretty much did what I had to do and now it's getting messy again with my El Dia project. Your studio looks great and I'm Capricorn so...In any event, have a great day tomorrow and what's left of today. Take care.

Nikki said...

It seems that a studio is like a living thing at times alway evolving into something new and more useful to eash of us and your space is wonderful :) hugs Nikki 10

~Rasz~ said...

Hi LuLu! Nice mini makeover! It's always nice to see a clean spot somewhere isn't it? For me, that spot doesn't stay empty too long and then its time to start all over again. As for what I like or don't like about my studio? I am just so grateful to have a space to create in I can't complain one bit. The good part is most of the flooring is cement or an old rug so if I get messy, it doesn't matter. Now I love that!!! Happy mini makeover WOYWW! Rasz #125

Robin Spitzer said...

Hi Lulu!

I have been paper crafting since 2001 and can't even begin to tell you ow many times I "re-organize" stuff. I have completely changed up my room, 3 or 4 times. This is the best I have had it. I still need a guest room, so I can take my room apart in 15 minutes and put up my blow up bed! Pic's of my craft room are on my blog. Love your huge table!

Hugs Robin #51

ike said...

What a fantastic clear up and it looks so great. Time for some crafting now then ??? :-)


IKE in Greece #91 XX

Judy McCarthy said...

It's wonderful to tidy up and reorganise.Looks very good now.
Judy # 9

Alison Wade said...

Happy Belated WOYWW. Great Mini Make-Over. It is so satisfying when you clear some space. I have recently moved into my new craft room, which is wonderful. I love having a view out across the farmyard, my sewing table is more accessible now and I have 2 big wardrobes for storage. However, I do need better storage for paper/card - so I don't need to hunt through piles/boxes all the time. Ali x #104

Kelly said...

Dang! I'm missing it by one day. I am on the 26th. Happy Birthday early!

Love all your reorganization. Some days we just look at everything and think - something has to GO! The 3 things I love most about my studio:
1) upcycled entertainment cabinet. We made drawers for it to store all of my loose stamps, embellishments, adhesives, etc

2) the tool caddy running along the back of my work table

3) that I HAVE a separate space to create.

The one thing I do NOT like - It's in the basement. I really want an above ground studio with windows and natural light.

Looking forward to new projects coming from your revamped space!
Creative Blessings ~ kelly #105

Jana TangledPen said...

ooohhh... ahhaahhah... would you come to my place and do some workspace make over?! ;)
all looking good, I bet you'll so much fun using your space.
Cheers, Jana #64

Sharon Madson said...

Great space! My husband really got me organized January 2012. It feels so good to have an organized space! :)

Andrea said...

fab space you have done very well I hope it helps your creativity have great week Andrea#44

Francesca said...

Hi Lulu , I have tried to email you, but it keeps coming back. Do you have a new email address?

Helen said...

What a great sort out you have had... I should do that too.. Have a great week.Helen 19

Nan G said...

Wow, nice straightening up! I'm so I,pressed with that stack in front of the window and it's wire shelving no less. I would have that tumbling down on top of me in no time! :) Like you I need more flat surface to work for various projects, jewelry area, mixed media, inking. I'm in the process of sorting, purging and labeling stuff. Thanks for the tour. A late Happy WOYWW! Nan G #92

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