Wednesday, September 3, 2014

'WOYWW - 2014/09/02 - New Project, A Mess, New Website, Plants & Freebies coming Soon!'

by Mary Lou 'LuLu' Haynes

Howdy and Welcome,

This week for WOYWW, my worktable is a mess.

But in my defense, I'm in transition to a new project. I just got another commission to create another art/journal/scrapbook/fatbook for a new client! She found my shop on!

So this is how my creative space looks just before the big cleanup.

I also just launched my jewelry website. I've been paying for the url address for years - and finally finished all the pages. Included is a Calendar page with my new jewelry classes listed.

I taught a DIY Washi Tape class this past July to an AJ group I joined on Facebook. In 2015, I will be teaching another DIY Washi Tape class in my studio. If you happen to be in the Chicago, IL area, I would love for your to take a class with me.

LuLu's DIY Washi Tape Class - Samples
Before summer wanes, have a look at the lovely coleus that I planted this Spring. They have really grown bushy - isn't their foliage gorgeous? Nothing survives in this shady spot except the coleus. It's a kitchen garden designed by previous owners of our house. But the sun only shines here for a few hours. So it's not sunny long enough to support herbs, flowers or veggies.

How do you transition between art projects? Do you do a massive cleanup, to start with a clean and tidy table?

Here are more artists studios from Julia's blog WOYWW - click here to go visit.

Thanks for stopping by. Please become a follower, leave a comment and come back soon. Some FREEBIES are coming later this month to celebrate my birthday!



Hazel said...

A lovely busy workspace and I love the DIY washi - very attractive. Thanks for sharing your workspace today. Hazel, WOYWW, #34 x

Julia Dunnit said...

I like the shelves over the windows/light source, makes your stuff look very ethereal! Calling it a transition between projects suggests that I'm doing something really important..and I'm not! but no! I don't clear up all the time, I kinda just wander around my desk until it's too full to use!

fairy thoughts said...

ha ha love the idea of asking visitors a question ... might try that next week if you don't mind... I was going to say similar to Julia about the light through your shelves ... it look fab.
as for changing between projects I have so many things on the go at a time..... the are all over house in various places. But on my desk I like to finish a project and put stuff away before I start something else...sometimes it gets pushed to the left. lol
janet #18

Mrs.D said...

Hi, I love your transparent drawers, so easy to see what is in them, and those shelves at the back of the desk, just right for things you are still working on.
Thanks for popping to my space.
Chris #10

April Story said...

The coleus is lovely. And your desk is looking for crafty. I do a massive clean up in between projects. It's just like the kitchen - I clean it up to mess it up again. :-) April #70

Eliza said...

I don't always clear up in one hit, I just go with the flow and then put away something every time I enter or leave the room, that's the rule.

Your desk looks inviting.

Hugs Eliza & Yoda 49

Angela Radford said...

When you are on a roll it's better to keep going and clear up at the end before starting the next project, that makes sense to me LOL!
Happy crafting, Angela x 38

Chrysalis said...

Hi Lulu - you sound very busy, but I'm glad your Etsy is doing well. Your work looks lovely. My space is never tidy as, although I try to tidy as I go, I usually have several projects on the go at a time, and they overlap. Have a great weekend, Chris # 29

UTs Hobby Time said...

Such a beautiful work place. Love the handmade washi tape.

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