Saturday, May 7, 2016

'I picked the KY Derby Winner - Nyquist!'

by Mary Lou 'LuLu' Haynes

Once a year, my hubby and I host a KY Derby  viewing at our house for my father and his fiancée after we return home from lunch together.

This year I wagered on the favorite, Nyquist (along with other horses) because last year the favorite won, and I had not wagered on him. This year,  Nyquist jumped out at me when I was reading all the horses' stats last night - because he has come in 1st for every race he's ever run. I thought to myself that 'this is the horse that will win'.

And he did win -  yay! Watching that 2 minute race was very exciting!

Luckily I'll recoup my wagers, plus a little extra to go out to dinner...good thing I don't play the horses regularly!

Next year I'll be scrapbooking on the 1st Saturday in celebration of National Scrapbooking Day!


What did you do today? Did you watch the KY Derby on TV? Did you do any scrapbooking? Crafting?

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