Wednesday, November 30, 2011

'WOYWW - 11/30/11: Blasts from the Past!'

by Mary Lou 'LuLu' Haynes

Howdy and Welcome,

For WOYWW this week, I thought I'd share some 'vintage' documents I rediscovered while organizing my jewelry studio/dining room/sun parlor. These old books were in my art portfolio, for some illogical reason. I plan to put them in acid free photo albums or page protectors in 3-ring binders.

In second photo are other projects I need to 'tidy up' the table in this multi-purpose room. Which seems to be a never ending task - sometimes I feel like Sisyphus pushing his boulder up the mountain! Setup all the supplies, work on project, put away supplies, and repeat! Argh! Of course, I shouldn't complain - I DO have another art studio, where I can leave stuff setup. But the table is really tiny in that room and there is no 'view' out the window...

Do you keep projects out and ready to go? Or do you have to put stuff away and setup all the time?

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Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

My projects are always out! I have a room all to myself, :^), and things are spread everywhere! Sometimes I can't even find a space to put my feet!


I have things left out everywhere!!! lol But I do have my own studio space, so that makes me happy!

JoZart said...

I love my space and wish I could keep it tidier but what the hack! I made the mess crafting and I always quote " people who don't make a mess don't make anything at all"!!!
Love your vintage books!
JoZarty x

Anonymous said...

Honestly, if I had to put everything away each time I would go nuts, I'm lucky that I have a seperate craft room ( with a decent view of the parking lot, which on first thought isn't attractive but I have found a keen observation of my neighbors to be a hobby in itself ;)lol

Julia Dunnit said...

If I have to do them, I need to keep them out and in my line of vision...really! I like the idea of a Chicken Scrapbook! Knowing you, you'll find a load of ways to use these lovely vintage pages.

Shoshi said...

Nice vintage books. I tend to have an awful mess of stuff out when I'm working on a project, and then try to tidy everything up before I start the next one, unless any of the materials overlap, of course. Sometimes I have a good clear up because the mess eventually drives me nuts! (Why is it that messes appear with no effort at all, but tidying up takes a lot of work?? Answers on a postcard, please!)

Happy belated WOYWW, Shoshi #61

Danielle said...

I have to leave things out or I would never get anything done. I love the vintage books.

Lavinia said...

Hi Lulu...Looks like I will be sorting ribbon quite a while over here at my crafty emporium! You have been very busy indeed, sorry to here you have been through some trying times & but nice to see you getting back & being crafty & sharing your lovely creations with us!

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