Wednesday, May 30, 2012

'WOYWW - 05/30/12 Starting H. Potter Art Journal!'

by Mary Lou 'LuLu' Haynes

Howdy and Welcome,

I've been tidying up my art studio - amongst other things. Now I'm back for a hot minute.

For WOYWW this week, I'm continuing to play in a new art journal. It's a blank book with a Harry Potter cover. I've always been fascinated by owls and have a small collection of owl sculptures. So I couldn't resist this blank book when I found it!

New Art Journal 'Harry Potter' -
 with checklists for next steps.
Usually, I  to put a sticky note on each journal so that
I can instantly know where I should begin.
Also it feelsl great to check off a step!

I've already torn out pages as a first step. So tonight I laminated multiple pages together using YES! Paste -  with a flexible plastic putty knife from the hardware store. (The edges were cut down with Tim Holtz 'Tonic' scissors, so that the putty knife can fit into the YES! Paste jar.) After interleaving each page woth wax paper, I put the art journal under a heavy iron while the pages dry. Next step will be to 'under journal' (from Pam Carriker) with pencils and crayons to create some resists before aplying acrylic glazes.

I really enjoy starting the prep  workfor a new art journal. The pages are pristine and possiblities for the future artwork seem unlimited!

Do you work in art journals? What are your first prep steps? Do you laminate pages?

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Lynn Holland said...

Hi Lulu
Just got you one step nearer your 100 followers. I have done a lot of sketchbooks and have really enjoyed the ones where I have worked on black paper using White instead of black for drawing and words.
Good luck reaching your 100
One I made earlier today

JoZart said...

Happy 3rd WOYWW Birthday! Great to be part of this wonderful fun group!
Love your interesting post as I'm just starting my first art journal and pick up any tips I can,
Love JoZarty x

Anonymous said...

Hi. Thanks for visiting my WOYWW blog. I have never tried laminating pages but I like the idea. I am going to give it a try! Arty #17

Helen said...

I live for Wednesdays and WOYWW, your desk is great today, good luck with your new journal. Happy WOYWW indeed! Helen, 8

Twiglet said...

I have a collection of things owly too!! Happy WOYWW 3rd anniversary.
Have a great week. x Jo

A Creative Operation said...

Thanks for the encouragement you gave me on my art journaling...I had put it aside for a while, and am finally getting done with organizing my new craft room. You are making me want to get it out again! Love your site!

May said...

Your desk LULU is Fabulous.. good luck with the journal... Hugs May x x x#4

Katie said...

Love your workspace! I love making lists... I'm the type that will add things to a list just so I can cross it off! Thanks for sharing!

Katie (38)

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

Hi Lulu, yes I've laminated pages, and I've made a little niche in my art journal too. I've been following Elizabeth at Alteredbooklover (not very well, I might add!). You're very organized with your little sticky checklist! Patsy from

famfa said...

It all sounds very complicated,would love to see the finished results. Can't help you I'm afraid, not my expertise.
Famfa 123

Bev said...

I lOve altering books the whole process is so relaxing and full of expectation , im a follower via google reader , enjoy u with my morning coffee along with lots of other wonderful blogs , its a shame we are not known lol but its so much easier for me to just have u all in the one spot ...hope that makes me eligable for the draw...

hugz bev

Neesie said...

That all sounds very involved but obviously you love it and it'll be worth it. Please don't forget to let us see the final journal.
With you saying you are fascinated by owls, I wonder if you've seen my owl design?
Thank you for popping over to my place and leaving a comment.
Enjoy the WOYWW birthday...have fun.
Neesie #14

Peggy said...

thanks for sharing good luck with the journal I know I sure do enjoy working in mine have a great week

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I remove pages in my altered books as a first step, but I never glue pages together until I need something like a double or triple page. And I have serious concerns about YES glue. I've read that although it is archival, it yellows over time as it ages. Happy 3rd WOYWW Anniversary from #2.

Elizabeth said...

Participating in WOYWW is a lovely way to "meet" fellow crafters such as yourself and see what you are up each week. I don't do art journals so can't offer up answers to your questions, sorry. Happy belated 3rd WOYWW anniversary! Elizabeth x #94

Queen Of Toys said...

I have done journals in the past (another lifetime) and i don't laminate my pages, I am careful of what glue I use, I find Golden products to be the best so far.

Thanks for sharing.
Eliza #140

Ali said...

Oooh how interesting to read how you start a new art journal. Some fabulous ideas. Thanks for sharing - and happy WOYWW anniversary! :)

Ali #86

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