Tuesday, July 17, 2012

'WOYWW 07/18/2012 - Too TidyToday!'

by Mary Lou 'LuLu' Haynes

Howdy and Welcome,
For WOYWW this week the table in my craft studio is tidy!

Workstation with organizing checklist!

No projects are on my workstation today because tomorrow I'm off to visit the Art Institute of Chicago with hubby - to see art works in the New Modern wing!

Although we do live in Chicago, our neighborhood is so far away from downtown Chicago (aka The City) that it is always a grand adventure to 'go downtown'.  I used to work downtown years ago, but now I feel like a tourist. Which is a good thing!

Do you like to visit museums? What is you favorite museum? Have you been to The Louvre in Paris? or the Victoria and Albert Museum in London? I never really liked museums until I went to see the Louvre - I spent the whole day there. I liked The Louvre so much, I went back the next day!

Thanks for visiting my blog today - would love for you to comment. Please come back often - my '100 Followers Giveaway' is coming this summer!

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Belinda said...


What a tidy desk. How lucky for you to go to the museum.

You know the same thing has happened to me. I used to work in Boston years ago and now I feel like a tourist when I go into the city. It's funny how we change.

Hope you have a nice time.

Belinda (39)

EELS said...

Hi LuLu, it's nice to see another tidy desk, everyone comments about mine and I was starting to think I was the only tidy one out there!

Can't say I'm a lover of museums, I'm originally from London so perhaps as a child I maybe went to the Vic & Albert but it's so long ago can't remember.

Some years ago we took our girls to Europe and we took in the Louvre but all I wanted to see was the Mona Lisa after that I was bored.
Cheers, Elaine #23

sandee said...

Forget the museum, what about CHA? Ever been? I am dying to go to that event, if I lived near Chicago I would go!! lol Ok, museums are super nice too! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina #50, unless someone removes a link, lol

Sunshine Girl said...

Oooh I love museums - have a fabulous day. Thanks for sharing - Sunshine Girl No. 58

okienurse said...

great looking desk looks very creative and busy! Hope you have a great week. Vickie #67

Karen said...

Hope you had a great day out! Museums are great to visit, so many things go whizzing around your mind afterwards! Happy WOYWW! Karen T 92 x

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

Hi Lulu! Yes I've been to the Louvre. I was amazed at how small the Mona Lisa is, and it was the only painting with a guard and behind bullet proof glass when we were there. I love going to the museums. What a neat desk you have! Patsy from
HeARTworks and

Twiglet said...

Neat desk - hope we get to see some pics from the trip. x Jo

inkypinkycraft said...

a super tidy desk....i loved the egyptian pieces at the british museum, fab trace x 56

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I used to love visiting Chicago. So many things to do downtown. I loved the Art Museum. It was the first time I became familiar with Pointillism and Seurat. Have fun, fun, fun. Happy WOYWW from #6.

Queen Lightwell said...

Yes, forget the museums, or are you planning to leave hubby there as a distraction while you make your way over to CHA? :) I so wish I was close to Chicago this week...if you go to CHA will you be sure to take tons of pictures and post them so we can be completely jealous and drool all over our computers/ipads/iphones? lol Have a great time whatever you do in the city! And your desk is very tidy, that's okay...I'm sure we forgive you! ;) Sometimes mine is tidy, sometimes its messy...its just the nature of the beast, yes?
Deeyll #138

Helen said...

Hi Lulu I am partial to the Natural History Museum. The building is stunning and I like looking at the rock collection!! Strange I know but I once took photos of all the brightly coloured samples on display - You have reminded me I intended to make them into a scrapbook layout! WOYWW Hugs from Helen 18

Shoshi said...

Lovely tidy and organised creative space, Lulu!

I love museums. We recently visited our local one in Exeter, which has recently been reopened after a major refurbishment, and it was amazing for a provincial museum. I did a blog post about it (back in May).

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #3

Peggy Cain said...

wow all cleaned up... if mine was like that I'd be in a world of disbelief... have a great week

Kemma said...

I just love looking at everyone's space!
My plan is to try to visit the people that end in the same number as me

Thanks for the peek!
#161 on this week's WOYWW

Kemma said...

I just love looking at everyone's space!
My plan is to try to visit the people that end in the same number as me

Thanks for the peek!
#161 on this week's WOYWW

VonnyK said...

A lovely tidy desk. I love museums and would love to go to the Louvre one day, it's a long way from Australia. We go to the Brisbane Museum a lot and also the science museum and I went to the London Museum many years ago but The Louvre would be my favourite.
Have a great week.
Von #44

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