Wednesday, January 30, 2013

'WOYWW - 01/30/2013 - A Peek at Pretties in Smash Book / Scrapbook / Art Journal!'

by Mary Lou 'LuLu' Haynes

Howdy and welcome,

This week for WOYWW, take a peek at my current commission on the work table. It's a smash book/scrapbook/art journal of my client's Paris 2012 vacation!  These pix show the progression of assembling the front cover - and a glimpse of the back cover. All photos were taken under 2 Ottlites, except where indicated.

When I first visited Paris, way back in the mid 1990's, it was wintertime. The weather was cold and dreary. So I didn't get to see Paris in all her glory. But I DID manage to have lunch in the Eiffel Tower - delicious food, but tres expensive! Next time I will go to Paris with my hubby - hopefully for our wedding anniversary celebration some June, when it's nice and warm.

I was thrilled to get this commission - and because of my previous visit, I was able to coach my client in advance and give her lots of tips on what ephemera and other goodies to bring back for her book.

Five handmade paper flowers (whick took FOREVER)
 stuck to a piece of freezer paper. (The flower in top right is not used).
Flowers made with many layers of different brands of
dies cuts using textured Bazzill paper.
After assembling and gluing the flowers I 'painted' them with
various Stickles using a tiny brush and toothpicks.
I learned how to make paper flowers by watching a
slew of videos.
Smaller flowers (store bought) in center right that I hand
painted red, spray painted gold (Heidi Swapp spray shines) and added Stickles.
Center left is a painted black mesh ribbon that I added MANY dots of Stickles
(this took FOREVER too)

The 'Stickled' mesh ribbon attached to front cover
over a piece of patterned scrapbook cardstock.
 That's a tiny castle on far right. It's game token that
I painted and added glitter glaze - very sparkly -
in homage to Disney Paris.

Dotted black tulle is floating over front cover -
tulle is adhered adjacent to the spiral binding
 under the 'Stikled mesh ribbon

Glimpse of back cover on right,
ruffly ribbons in center spiral binding,
tulle of front cover on far right
Front cover,  with temporary
placement of my handmade paper flowers
Front cover (right),  and another temporary
placement of my handmade paper flowers
titles and a sparkly round mirror top right
Front cover (right)
strand of faux pearls placed temporarily on left with
glass cabochons cascading from left to right and top to bottom
Same as above except with Ottlites off

Front cover with flotaing black dotted tulle

Front cover with 'sandwich'
(gold glitter netting + holiday wired ribbon + scrap of red netting to cover castle token)
floating OVER black dotted tulle
Vice Versa:
Front cover with 'sandwich'
(gold glitter netting + holiday wired ribbon + scrap of red netting to cover castle token)
floating UNDER black dotted tulle
Everything is glued down, or will be glued down with heavy gel medium (Golden) or soft gel medium (Golden). I'll publish the final version of the completed cover soon.

I'm not sure wich I like best - the black dotted tulle OVER or UNDER the netting 'sandwich'. I'm using the tulle and the netting sandwich to 'hide' the cover. The 'sandwich' has a little arrow on it so the viewer knows where it opens. These are interactive elements added  to make exploring the book more mysterious!

I'm leaning towards the black dotted tulle floating UNDER the 'sandwich' Which do YOU like floating on top?
1) Black dotted tulle?
2) Netting 'sandwich'?

Fyi, I made the sandwich, by ironing the gold glitter tulle with the scrap of red netting inside. I used my dedicated craft iron (my old beat up iron that I never used to iron clothes anyway) with a sheet of parchment paper under the iron and the sandwich on top of my heat resistant craft sheet (Ranger). The sandwich was a work-around, because I didn't have any MistyFuse or Angelina fibers on hand. Waa-aa-ah!

Have you ever been to Paris France? What did you like most about your trip? Least?  If you haven't been to Paris, do you want to go? What are the 3 attractions you most want to visit?

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Twiglet said...

Hours of work there!! Stunning result. I think the dotty fabric looks very French. x Jo

Francesca said...

Wow your book looks fab. Love the flowers. Just a quick note you may have a problem on WOYWW when I tried to look at your desk there all I got was Julia's blog page. I got you from my blog favs. Francesca #130

MiniOwner said...

Oh wow! All that work - it is a stunning project! Happy Wednesday. :o)
Sue x (MiniOwner@74)

Christine said...

Love the tulle under. Thanks for sharing the photos, I love to see how creations are made.

Julia Dunnit said...

Dotted tulle UNDER.
It's fab LuLu....I enjoy the odd commission, I work much more coherently if I'm slightly removed from the sentimental part of the subject! Yep, been to Paris in Winter, Spring and Summer. Musee D'Orsay....there's a cafe in the back of the top floor that has a window onto a small section of flat roof where you can go sit..the view across the Seine to the Hotel de Ville is worth the entrance fee..the art becomes a second best! Stay away from tourist eateries, be brave and try small side street places and definitely ahve a crepe or two from the seller at the corner of Pont Neuf, and try to use the river taxis instead of the metro - views obviously, asre so much better and it's just more fun, specially in the summer.

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

I like it UNDER so it's subtle. Wonderful, a work of HeART! I've been to Paris and both times were not enough!!! There are still places I want to go. Like bookstores and those bouchinists by the Seine, and we didn't have enough time at the LOuvre although we did stay there for a day. I'd love to have time to just idly walk in those lovely little side streets. One day. God willing. Hugs from the Philippines! Patsy from

peggy aplSEEDS said...

i'm dropping by to say hi! what a great project to be working on! the layers look great (i prefer the black dots under the sandwich). Paris is such a lovely place to visit. i have been there twice and would love to go again - the eiffel tower of course, the louvre, notre dame and getting "lost" in the little side streets.
happy WOYWW!
peggy aplSEEDS

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