Tuesday, June 10, 2014

'WOYWW - 38 years, Washi Tape class and Box o' Art!'

by Mary Lou 'LuLu' Haynes

Howdy and welcome,

Yes - it has been ages, for-ev-er, since my last WOYWW post. So much has been going on in life - medical issues with both me and my husband (we're ok now), in addition to technical difficulties. Which apparently will never be resolved - thank you, Google.

Google no longer supports the browser I use on my desktop computer. So now, to upload my pix or post to my blog, I must share my hubby's laptop computer. Egads! Which is hard, because he uses his laptop all day. 

Speaking of hubby, this Thursday we celebrate our 38th wedding anniversary - with a local overnight road-trip! It will be good for us to get away from Chicago and see more local flora. We're visiting a nearby mansion and their famous gardens! My hubby loves gardens and his veggie gardens on our 'estate' are growing incredibly. For our anniversary dinner, I hope to have sushi, too - and maybe a movie this weekend. Can't wait!

Anyway, while hubby is out today, I'm taking the opportunity to commandeer his laptop and upload a photo of my worktable. It shows the genesis of an art project. I hope to complete this piece before the contest deadline and enter it. Wish me luck! I have grandiose ambitions for this project and not enough time.

'Box O' Art'
Spray painted multi-compartment box with some ephemera ideas

Also, I've been invited, by my Art Journal group, to teach a class on DIY 'Washi' Tape! Woo-hoo!!! That's scheduled in a few weeks. I've already developed the Supplies list and description - so I'm on top of it. Hopefully, I'll have photos to post here from the class.

Meanwhile, I would love for you to visit my youtube.com video - it's my Paris art journal accompanied by music from the rock band I led for a 'hot minute'. Please LIKE it and comment!

Have you ever made a shadow box? If, so did you construct it from scratch - or did you use a 'found' box? What bits and bobs did you use for the contents? Did you use any cold joins? What was your fave adhesive?

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Sande said...

I'm curious what browser you are using and which one Google won't support. I switch back and forth between three, depending on my mood and don't have a issue with any of those. I use Chrome, Pale Moon and Firefox. I also have IE installed but never use that beast. You might want to post in there help forum perhaps there's a glitch in your settings or the browser has been corrupted. You might try saving your bookmarks to your desktop and uninstalling your browser and installing a fresh copy. I've done that in past when I've had a issue. Then after you install the fresh copy import your bookmarks from your desktop. You say you now have to go back and forth between your computer and your husband..why not install a second browser that is compatible with Google.

LuLu said...

Thanks for the info, Sande.

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