Monday, June 15, 2015

'Freebie! and - It's Official! I'm a Celebrity! Well, sort of....Art Journal Class I'm Teaching!'

by Mary Lou 'LuLu' Haynes

Howdy and Welcome,

'Globe on Steroids' -
architectural building sculpture digitally enhanced by Mary Lou Haynes
Photograph by D. C. Daruszka
Used with permission from the photographer

I'm in the newspaper! I'm officially a celebrity!
well, sort of a celebrity...One of our local newspapers here in Chicago, featured an article about me and the mixed media Art Journal class I'm teaching next week at the Beverly Arts Center in Chicago, IL.

We'll be using all sorts of goodies, including washi tapes, scrapbooking paper and doing all sorts of techniques including: collage, frottage, laminating, doodling and more!

Would love for you to join us if you are in Chicago, Illinois the week of  June 23 and June 25, 2015!

Click here for the article.

Click here for the workshop info (Adult Mini Camp by Mary Lou Haynes) scroll to bottom of page.

Meanwhile, here's a freebie background I created. This is a black-and-white version of an excerpt from a tangle/doodle I drew in one of my sketch journals. You have my permission to use this in your artwork - for your own personal art, but not to sell. Enjoy!

 'Moisture on Mars (BnW)' -
by Mary Lou Haynes
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