Thursday, August 20, 2015

'My Great-great grandparent's family photo!'

by Mary Lou 'LuLu' Haynes

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Here's a photo that my 99-year-old grand-aunt just gave me to scan.

It shows her mother, Emma (at right end ) and my grandmother's parents (George and Mary, seated with baby in lap) and 8 of 13 siblings (plus one cousin, 2nd from left).

Photo was taken in front of the family homestead on their tobacco farm (formerly a plantation owned by a Fulton Tobacco's owner) in Mount Airy, NC, USA - circa 1902.


The parents were formerly slaves as children working at neighboring plantations. I'm still researching the parents of my great-great grandfather (center) on

One family legend say his father (my great-great-great grandfather) was a 'Cherokee Indian hog drover'. And I have a copy of a sworn affidavit that indicates his father was a 'Cherokee Indian'.

recent research this month has revealed a surprisingly different story about the ancestry of my great-great-great grandfather. So  I'm curious to know the true story whenever the facts are substantiated!


Do you have old photos of your family?

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Mary Lou

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