Friday, January 29, 2016

'Happy 35th Birthday! and I met Jonny Lang, again! Dreams DO Come True! Believe!

 by Mary Lou 'LuLu' Haynes

Happy 35th Birthday, Jonny!

Jonny Lang - looking at me?!

Jonny Lang - in 'The Zone'
On Sunday October 25, 2015, I met Jonny Lang again - for the 3rd time!

When I introduced myself that Sunday, Jonny said he remembered me from our previous meetings, which I choose to believe.  We chatted together one-on-one for about 3 minutes, took a photo together, plus he signed my guitar and my autograph book at the meet and greet. That was about 4:15pm before his concert that night. 

He admired the 'Beck and Lang' t-shirt that I was wearing and said he wanted it - jokingly. Jonny said he didn't even have a t-shirt of the 'One Night Only' concert he had played with Jeff Beck  years ago at the World Music Center near Chicago!

Because I have 2 'Lang and Beck' t-shirts from that night, and had just bought another t-shirt at the vendor that afternoon when I arrived, I decided to give him my 'Beck and Lang' t-shirt. I asked Jonny's manager if he would give it to Jonny for me. But his manager said that I should give the t-shirt to Jonny. I walked to the back of the short line. And soon, instead of having 1 official meeting with Jonny, I got to speak with Jonny twice!

He loved the shirt when I presented it to him -  he graciously accepted, and thanked me profusely.  He is so-o-o nice. Serenity and happiness  just seem to emanate from Jonny.

After the meet and greet, I attended a VIP Reception in the lower lobby - and had vino and canapés with other fans.

On top of this post is one of the best photos (of 150+) that I took during the concert. Is Jonny looking directly at me?! Or is it my imagination?

Below is the meet and greet photo! Dreams DO Come True!

Jonny Lang (guitarist extraordinaire) with me,
LuLu Haynes (budding guitarist) -
wearing the  infamous sought-after 'Beck and Lang' t-shirt)
at sound check - Sun 10/25/2016 
I am so happy!
P.S. I had arrived, super early (the first one to show up) at about 3pm and ran into Jonny's manager in the theatre lobby. I introduced myself and we chatted for awhile. I asked for his permission to get my guitar autographed by Jonny AND for permission to contact him next year about a 'secret' project I'm working on for Jonny. He said 'yes' to both requests! I practiced on my guitar in the lobby while I waited for the Meet and Greet / Sound check to start. But forgot to get a photo of Jonny with me and signed guitar - yikes!  Two days later, I  emailed Jonny's manager - just a little thank you note and to let him know how much I enjoyed the fabulous concert. He responded back the same day!
Happy 35th Birthday, Jonny!

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