Thursday, January 28, 2016

"How to Travel Light with Wet Art Supplies - or What's In My Art Kit and Travel Bag?"

by Mary Lou 'LuLu' Haynes

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How to Travel Light with Wet Art Supplies!

I'm a Mad Scientist At Work!

This travel bag  is another experiment to try to travel light with a small amount of wet supplies in my art kit for Art Journaling on the go. I'm using small travel-size bottles - store bought, old film canister and empty vials from complimentary hotel toiletries.


  1. Clinique clear makeup pouch (I found a 'lot' of used makeup pouches at a cheap price on eBay)
  2. snack baggie - vertical/portrait
  3. snack baggie - horizontal/landscape
  4. water brush - fine tip
  5. water brush - broad tip
  6. wet glue pen - 2 way (perm and repo)
  7. medium - matte medium 'Liquitex'
  8. medium- gloss medium 'Claudine Hellmuth 'Studio'
  9. h2o
  10. acrylic paint  - gold 'Lumiere' fabric paint - opaque
  11. acrylic paint - glitter - gold
  12. gesso - white  'Claudine Hellmuth 'Studio'
  13. gesso - clear
  14. gesso - black  'Claudine Hellmuth 'Studio'
  15. homemade acrylic glaze - warm color
  16. homemade acrylic glaze-  cool color
  17. glitter glue - silver 'Stickles'
  18. hand sanitizer gel
  19. clip - 'bulldog' binder clip
Note: The book with embossed map cover is from sale at Michaels craft store. It's my travel diary, not an AJ. It's to prop up the supplies. I bought several because I really like the map cover.


Do you separate your WET supplies from DRY?  Do you travel light with your art journal supplies? Or lug 'the kitchen sink'? Do you like to use the new water brushes by Tim Holtz, etc.? Have you tried filling them with colorant instead of water? India inks? acrylic inks?

I would love to see what's in YOUR art kits/travel bags! Reply to this post with a link to your blog post.

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