Sunday, October 2, 2016

'Great Birthday Month Celebrations!

by Mary Lou 'LuLu' Haynes

Howdy and Welcome,

Traditionally, in September, I celebrate my birthday month. When I was working full-time, I celebrated my birthday week. But since I've retired, I expanded my birthday fun for the whole month. This month I celebrate my 50th and 65th birthdays. (I didn't celebrate my 50th birthday fifteen years ago because, as I was preparing the invitations, the 9/11 tragedy happened. God rest their souls.)

Here are some pix from my celebrations this September! I'm so lucky and grateful to have friends and family like these to celebrate with me!

  Party '1' - Two September Birthday Gals-
 LuLu and Michelle
(Sep 10)
 Party '1' - Crop at Chris' home  (Sep 10)
LuLu, Chris, Michelle 1, Michelle 2

Sunday 9/25/2016 outside this 'Aussie' restaurant
I had seafood, Dave had steak. Loved it!

Party '2' - Ladies Only Game Night - with my sisters,
Marcy and Angela, and my good crafting buddy, Becky -
on my 65th birthday
at my new studio The SPlayce (Sep 27)

Party '2' - Ladies Only Game Night - with Kathy W.
(Kathy modeled one of my scarves I was commissioned to crochet)
at my new studio The SPlayce (Sep 27)

Day after my birthday Dinner - outside
Allgauer's Restaurant in the DoubleTree Hotel (Sep 28)

Party '3' - Ladies Only Crafternoon Soiree -
with Chris and Yvette at my new studio The SPlayce
(Sep 30)

 Party '3' - with Yvette (Sep 30)
at my new studio The SPlayce
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