Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Scrap Cabana was a blast - and I won prizes, too!

by Mary Lou 'LuLu' Haynes

Howdy and Welcome,

I'm back from 'The Scrap Cabana' weekend scrapbooking retreat in Aurora, Illinois! It was fun, in spite of my sprained ankle.

Some of my Scrap-A-Holics members also attended: Becky, Maria and Mary O. We had so much fun - as we always do at Scrap Cabana. This was the 3rd year for me and Mary O. We only attend once a year, in November. Becky and Maria go more often - and we all have our 'buttons' to prove it. The owner gives us a "Scrap Cabana" button every time a cropper attends. You should see ALL the buttons some ladies have on their lanyards!

L - R: Becky, Maria, Mary Lou, Mary O
We're all members of The Midwest Scrap-A-Holics of Chicagoland

works in the IT(Information Technology)  field - just like I do!

First floor of hotel -
spacious crop room

Quiet scrappers on first  floor

Goody table with prizes laid out -
and baskets for raffle ticket entries

Owner Michelle -
giving out raffle prizes

My layout contest entry -  1

My layout contrest entry - 2

Layout contest winner

Scrap-A-Holics member Mary O - a BIG winner.
She won a FREE weekend at the Scrap Cabana - dates of her choosing.
Mary was in shock, because she said 'I never win anything!'

Me with my cane for sprained ankle - and guess what?  I won 3 raffle prizes!
Although I declined the 3rd prize - a huge organizing box, becasue I have no room for it in my house.
So it was raffled off again. And my new croppin' buddy, Dawn, won it!

My new croppin' buddy, Tammy.
She and Dawn were so nice. The three of us all stayed later to crop even more
 after the 'official' retreat ending time. Beacuse of my gimpy sprained ankle,
they helped my load up all my gear on the hotel's luggage cart -
 and then Tammy loaded stuff in my van for me!
How NICE was that?!!!
Scrapbookers are THE NICEST PEOPLE you will ever meet - and so much fun, too!

Would love for you to comment on this post - or any of my other posts, when you have a moment or 2.

And if you do art journaling, crazy quilting, collage or mixed-media art, please stop by my Give-A-Way post. Deadline is Nov 27, 2010! And also check out the additional prizes addendum posted on Nov 14!

Thanks for stopping by - and please come back to visit again real soon.



Phoenix Peacock said...

what a fun weekend. and I can't believe you won three raffles. you are the type of person that needs to go to vegas!

LuLu said...

Howdy Phoenix Peacock,

Thanks for stopping by. I HAVE won a lot of prizes. But my hubby went to 'sin city' once on business - and said I would hate it there.

I say, if I'm gonna gamble, my preference would be to go to the casino on Paradise Island in Nassau, Bahamas! Or better yet, go to Monaco!


Pleasse come back real soon!


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