Wednesday, December 8, 2010

'WOYWW - 12/08'

by Mary Lou 'LuLu' Haynes

Howdy and Welcome,

I'm just back from the holiday potluck crop of my scrapbooking group last night, the Scrap-A-Holics of Chicagoland. So my workspace just has a few cleanup and organizing projects.

That's my dedicated 'PEACE' scrapbooking backpack in the foreground. The blue/black caddy on the right is an experiment. I'm going to try to use it for my purse contents - just move this back and forth between my purse and my backpack - instead of spending time repacking every time I change bags. I listed all the stuff I carry around - 100 items of detritus! We'll see how long this lasts - it's already too heavy...Would love to see your comments about this post.

It's a scrapbooking tool caddy from Totally Cool - bought it at Archivers with a discount coupon! You can find more desks here at WOYWW.

Thanks for stopping by and please come back soon!



Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

Hi Lulu, I always bring around a bag full of detritus (a new word for me!) although from your post I sort of knew what you meant! I too have a penchant for NOT throwing away things that I can recycle! Patsy from

Sheila said...

I'm afraid to list what I carry around in my purse/backpack. Most definitely detritus. I hope the caddy works out for you.

Susan said...

Hi Lulu,
I am going to my friend's house to craft on Saturday and I usually end up taking 2 bags plus my tote-ally cool tote! Way too much to carry but I can't leave anything behind. I might need it!
Susan xxox #13

Chrissie said...

I think that whatever sized bag anyone has... it will always get filled... detritus or otherwise!
Yours look great!
Chrissie #7

sandra de said...

I like the idea of using the caddy for all your handbag stuff. I had neck and shoulder pain for ages and the physiotherapist took one look at my bag and said "that is your problem!!"" So hard not to carry all the things we might need.

Nicky said...

Love you back pack not heard of detruitus before? I have a wheeled tote that my DH brought me a few years ago for a birthday pressie - not weight and its really easy to move around and its purple :) thanks for visiting my space ~ Nicky 16

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