Wednesday, December 22, 2010

'WOYWW - 12/22 - To Do Wreath'

by Mary Lou 'LuLu' Haynes

Howdy and Welcome,

Here are a bunch of little projects that need doing. Because I usually work on multiple projects, I'll make a post-it note for each to show what to do next.

  1. Embossed metal tape - to paint and sand
  2. a) Stencil - to texturize a collages with molding paste and gesso. b) postcard for an art contest to consider entering
  3. Homemade blending tools (round velcro dots on corks) for alcohol inks in repurposed alphabet stamps storage container - to find a 'home' until summer when I'll have ventilation
  4. Homemade stamps - to develop a tutorial on 'how to make your own stamps'
  5. a) original prototype mandala - to create shapes in Photoshop for drawing some digital mandalas. b) wrapping paper - to tear up for collages and store
  6. picture of barn - to paste on one of my art journal pages
  7. packing list for next scrapbooking crop - to put in my scrapbooking backpack
  8. flyer of Tim Holtz techniques - to read and try some new techniques
Sometimes my workspace seems to be more about organizing than about making art. It would be so nice to have more counter space so this workstation could be dedicated exclusively to creating  art - and organizing would be at a different station!

What about you? Is your workstation exclusively dedicated to creating art? Or does yours also get swamped with organizing projects?

I'd love to see your comments about this post - or any of my other posts. Meanwhile, Here are some more workstations for Whats On Your Workstation Wednesday?



sandra de said...

Ok Lulu what is the story behind the timer? Love all the other stuff but just wondering .. do you set a time limit for projects?
Have a lovely break.
Sandra #81

Marjo said...

Wow, wonderful workspace! I got my copic holder at I think they are actually meant for untensils. I just have that one resting on it's side.

Thanks for the peek and sharing. Happy Holidays and creative crafting in the New Year.

Hugs, Marjo #5

Anonymous said...

Lol, I'm also curious about the timer! My desk area is quite large, so even if I have little piles of stamps to be cleaned or things to be put away I usually have enough space to work on, although I'm always looking around my little room wondering if I could store things in a better way.

Have a wonderful Christmas
Brenda 45

ANewYear said...

Hi Lulu,

Your stamps look interesting. I'll have to take a look around your blog to look at your creations.

I envy your wonderful north facing window. I had a wall of north facing windows when I lived in Northern California. The best light to work in no matter what the project.

Have a Merry Christmas!
Carole 85

Minxy said...

I'd say my crafting is a 60% art make and a 40% stash storage partnership lol I think they kinda go hand in hand.
Wishing you a very Happy Christmas
Minxy #4

LuLu said...

Howdy Sandra #81,

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Yes, I usually set time limits. Been using timers all over the house for years. They seem to help me stay focused and not get too caught up in any one project.

They're especially useful when I do laundry, surf the 'net, and all sorts of projects. Usually I give myself 20 minutes for a chore, and 45 minutes for 'fun' stuff! They're good for cat naps, too..

Please stop by again real soon!

Happy Holidays and

LuLu said...

Howdy Marjo #5,

Thanks for your comments.

I really like your copic/utensil holder. Hopefuklly, when I have a lot of copic markers, I can find a holder like that!

Please come back soon!

Merry Christmas and

LuLu said...

Howdy Brenda #45,
Thanks for your comments.

Yep, kitchen timers work very well for me. I've been very conscious of my own mortality since I was in 6th grade and discovered biographies in the school library.

So I've become very focused. That doesn't mean that I don't know how to relax or have fun. Just that I stick petty close to my plans and agenda. I't amazing how much can get accompllished when you plan and focus!

Please stop by again soon.

Happy Holidays and

LuLu said...

Howdy Carol #85,
Thanks for visiting.

Yes, my north window wall is great. We've lived here for 20 years and only just applied the window treatment last year. Can you believe it? It was covered up with a few bed sheets to provide privacy from the ugly view.

But when I had to reorganize after my worktable fiasco, we took the opportunity to put up a textured window film. Hides the view very well - and lets a massive amount of light in.

Please come back soon.

Happy Holidays and

LuLu said...

Hi Minxy #4,
yeah - you're probably right about the 60/40 create art vs. storage ratio.

Doing mixed media art is going to generate so much flotsam and jetsam, it's a miracle I can see any surface on my worktable at all!

Thanks for stopping by and visiting.

Please come back soon.

Happy Holidays and

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

My desk is usually a dumping ground! I need a bigger table! I have many cupboards in my craft room, but I tend to pile things up on my desk. Like today, I am working on top of a huge pile of paper! Merry Christmas! Patsy from

Nicky said...

I love your projects and your organisation - I like things organised too lol ~ hope you had a great Christmas ~ Nicky 52

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