Wednesday, March 30, 2011

'WOYWW 95 - 03/30/11 - Image Transfer Prep!'

by Mary Lou 'LuLu' Haynes

Howdy and welcome,

For WOYWW this week, there are only two projects in my sights - both of them are organizing tasks. You know how I love to organize!

This is a drawer made from a re-used printer paper box lid. It contains some inkjet printed transparencies, notes for image transfer techniques and a new roll of packing tape. (This new packing tape I found at Michaels - it tears easily with your fingers! So easy to use.)

I'll organize the drawer contents by separating the transparencies from the techniques. The new tape (and the old tape on the left side of the photo) will go in my designated 'tapes' drawer - which is soon to be overflowing. But I'll deal with that another day!

Usually, I cut out the images in a batch, while doing a session of 'fussy cutting' - a term borrowed from the quilting world. During another session, I tear the tape, apply it to the images and trim down the edges. In another session, I burnish the tape onto the image, soak/rub off the paper and layout the tape to dry. When dry, I put the tape transfers in another drawer labeled 'Ready - Inkjet transfers.'  Inkjet transfers and toner transfers are kept in separate drawers because I want to be aware of how they behave in my art. I like to do most of my prep work in batches, so that when I'm ready to create, I can just grab what I want - everything is ready to go.

Around the drawer perimeter, you'll spy a water spritzer and a few bottles of paint glazes. These are remnants of some 'wetwork' I did yesterday. I was toning some blank pages in altererd journals, and glopping down another layer of glaze on some previously painted and gessoed pages in an altered book.

I'd love to see your comments about this post. Do you apply image transfers in your artwork? What are your favorite supplies amd media for image transfers?

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Marjo said...

Thanks for the peek and sharing. Have a great WOYWW

Hugs Marjo #22 oops thats 23

Dragon said...

No not tried this but you seem very organised, as you say!!! Interesting snoop thanks

jonaks said...

wow, you are very organized!

okienurse said...

Never have tried the image transfer but have been thinking about doing so! Work space looks very organized. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #83

Anonymous said...

You sound really organised - I am only just dabbling with transfers - have decided inkjet transfers are too hit and miss currently working with gel transfers and skins and packing tape is definitely on my list of transfers to try

karen said...

Great idea to have all the fiddly work done so that when you want to create something, you have all the bits ready to go!
I have not tried image transfers yet but do want to someday!
Thanks for the peek at your workspace ... and the peek inside your mind!
xoxo Karen

The Crafty Elf said...

Being organized is such a wonderful feeling. Is anyone ever really organized if they craft? TFS

Susan said...

Have fun sorting!
Susan xxox #40

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