Tuesday, March 8, 2011

'30 days of lists: List 8 - What's in my bag?'

by Mary Lou 'LuLu' Haynes

I just stumbled upon this list site! 30 days of lists.

Here's what's in my daily tote bag - today - too much as usual.....

Black Maggie Barnes faux leather tote bag that I found at Goodwill for $3.

  • large, black 'Kangaroo Keeper' with:
  • small water bottle
  • collapsible travel cup
  • keys
  • old glasses and case (to remove after visit to eye doctor)
  • BAC Street Journal #4 (includes one of my poems!)
  • newest The Container Store catalog
  • map, address and directions to new dermatologist
  • my 'errands'' notebook for when I'm out-and-about
  • Moleskine pocket watercolor notebook
  • snack baggie
  • large paper clip
  • emery boards
  • bandaids
  • pens and highlighter and eraser
  • hair pick
  • iPod cable and instructions card
  • eyedrops and sleepmask
  • toothbrush and tootpaste and floss/pick
  • spork
  • black mini-pouch with:
  • 4GB flash drive
  • mini tape measure
  • hair clip
  • scrunchie
  • earplugs
  • antique pocket scissors - inherited from my grandfather
  • lime green 'Nomadic Pouch-In-Bag' with:
  • lime green Liz Caliborne wallet
  • cellphone
  • travel dictionary (french/english)
  • travel mirror
  • travel embroidered tissue holder
  • flat 2011 / 2012 calendar flyer (from doctor's office)
  • reporter's memo notebook
  • 2 business card holders
  • iPod earbuds
  • SPF face moisturizer
  • hand lotion
  • rescue inhaler
  • 2 pill boxes
  • 4 Ricola cough drops
  • chapstick
  • lipstick
  • mini mechanical pencil, mini gel pen, highlighter, glaze pen, mini sharpie (moved to keyring)
  • screwdriver kit with mini tape measure on keyring clip
It looks like too much, but everything has it's home. Would love for you to comment.
Thanks for stopping by to visit.

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peggy aplSEEDS said...

wow! you have A LOT in your bag! that's a great bag to carry it all in, and what a bargain! i love going to goodwill when i get the chance!

S said...

How fun (and brave) of you to show us the stuff in your bag. It was the Borders reward card that caught my eye though. Our local store is closing down - so sad for us.

Vicki B in OP NY said...

Lulu, tu es vraiment beaucoup trop! I adore your three buck bag and all that you tote along in it. One shoulder must be lower than the other from hauling it about! How much fun it is to unpack your new stash for journaling. Enjoy...and thanks for visiting ;)
Vicki A little inkling

LuLu said...

Howdy S,
Yep - our Borders is closing too.
Sadly. B

ut hubby bought me 7 art books last week from Borders on sale. And I love each one of them. He knows me SO well. He couldnn't have picked better if I'd given him a list!

Please come back soon - giveaway is coming up.


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