Wednesday, September 19, 2012

'WOYWW - 09/19/2012 - Haul and Wow-ee Zow-ee News Flash!'

by Mary Lou 'LuLu' Haynes

Howdy and Welcome,

Yes - I have been MIA. A lot of scrapbooking crops and the annual Scrap-A-Thon 6 retreat in Wisconsin!

For WOYWW this week, check out my 'haul' from the dollar store. I was on the hunt for spray bottles to concoct my version of Glimmer/Shimmer Mist. I want to start making some faux prima flowers for scrapbook/brag book covers, and I like the sparkly effect. I watched a slew of youtube videos on how to make faux mists and I watched another slew of videos about DIY faux prima flowers. Some of the scrapbook covers with the flowers are SO-O-O-O gorgeous. Almost delectable -  they are so pretty!

Anyway, for $1 each, I bought 11 packages of spray bottles (all that the store had on the racks). Each package includes:
  1. spray bottle (2 oz)
  2. regular bottle (2 oz)
  3. cream pot (.5 oz)
  4. funnel
Wearing my 'chemist cap' again, I'm having a blast measuring and combining components for my DIY mists.

LuLu's 2012 DIY Mist Project

Re-inkers: Stampin' Up re-inkers that I bought way back in 2001!

Storage: Hubby's used cardboard tote from a 6-pack of bottled beer. He doesn't buy beer often, but I asked him not to recycle the totes. I'm keeping them for storing supplies. They're ugly, but handy because of the 6 divided sections. They also work great in my cavernous tote bags keeping gear organized when I head out for a crop...

Haul: The purple plastic tote I found at JoAnns this weekend for $10. It has 2 large sections and 2 small sections on top - PLUS there is a divided drawer on the bottom! This tote also stacks on other totes - but I bought just the one tote this time. (Using a 40% off coupon, I also scored a small rolling plastic cart with 4 assorted drawers that I'm using to store components for a fabric project.)

In the purple plastic tote, I have baggies and other project supplies. Each baggie contains a bottle filled with these wet ingredients:

  • distilled water - less than 2 oz,
  • 20 drops re-inker - or a few drops acrylic paint,
  • 4 drops acrylic glazing medium (as a binder - I could have used white glue),
  • 2 glass beads

Each baggie has an asortment of one or more of the following sparkly dry ingredients (PearlEx, Perfect Pearls, and/or Twinkling H2Os).

My plan is to add the sparkly ingredients to the wet ingredients and combine by shaking. The glass beads are to help combine wet and dry ingredients when shaking. Next step is to spray scrapbook paper with my sparkly mist, let air dry and die cut paper into flowers. I broke down and bought Tim Holtz dies at Archivers - again using discount coupons!

The reason I bagged up the components was because I had started mixing the wet ingredients on our dining room table and selected the matching dry ingredients but soon I needed to clear off the table for other uses. It was easy to move the project into my craft room after I bagged stuff up and put them in the purple project tote. Don't you just LOVE how useful those baggies are?!

Fyi, I do have a small supply of Ranger Mini-misters but I only made my mists in a few of those vials before I quickly abandoned that product because:

  • volume of vial is too small - I use multiple layers of spray to get the effect I want, and had to re-fill the Mini-misters too often.
  • spray pump on a mini-mister was defective
  • bottles from dollar store are more affordable than mini-misters. Duh!

Wow-ee Zow-ee NEWS FLASH!

The owner of a golf resort emailed me out of the blue (from a Scrap-A-Holics group). She reached out because she wants help on developing her golf resort as a scrapbooking retreat!!!! 

One of the first things I told her (after reading all the pages on her website) was that I would need to inspect her resort (lodging/cabins, restaurant, golf course) before I could recommend it to my scrapping contacts. And would it be possible for me and hubby to get 1 or 2 nights complimentary lodging to inspect it, since we’ll both be on vacation? She said ‘sure’, and she booked us for 2 nights! I’m SO-O-O-O excited!
Do you use any sparkly mists in your artwork? Have you tried Glimmer Mist? What's your fave store bought mist? Have you tried to concoct your own sparkly spray? If so, what ingredients did you like best? Least?

Finally, have you attended any scrapbook or quilting or craft retreats? What are the 3 things you liked best about your retreat experience? 3 things you liked least?

Thanks for stopping by. Come back soon - my Giveaway for Followers will be here before you know it!

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trisha too said...

I don't have any glittery spray mists, but have improvised using metallic spray paints I have on hand. I do like Walnut Inks and Dylusions, and would probably use Glimmer Mist, if I ever got around to buying any!

My favorite parts about the scrap retreats I've been to have been the uninterrupted work time, and the fun of working with a room full of like-minded women. Least fave--the lack of sleep . . .

Happy WOYWW to you!
:)trisha, #143 this week,
and utterly shameless!

Sandy Leigh said...

You have so many wonderful tools and goodies! I've always wanted to go on one of those retreats--maybe I'll find one for next summer. It must be heaven! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #36

Sue said...

Congratulations on your successes!
I don't use much glimmer mist these days, but it does have a beautiful effect

Zildara said...

I use glittery mists for some of my creations. My favorite store-bought mists are from Tatteres Angels. When I make my own, I use reinkers, water and Perfect Pearl powder.

Love your blog!


Carol Hornby-Clements said...

First thanks for stopping by at my blog. With regard to making spray mists I use ranger reinkers, perfect pearls and water. I also add a glass bead. I get bottles from my daughter as she is a hairdresser. A good idea to make your own prima flowers.
Happy WOYWW.

Joynana said...

Hi Lulu, thanks for stopping by my blog. Wow, you do have a lot going on and how industrious of you to make your own glimmer mist. I barely have time to spray the ones that I buy. Can't wait to see those faux prima flowers that you are going to make. #20 I am now a follower and will be back soon.

Francesca said...

Hi Lulu, thnaks for your nice comments on my blog. The key plate is grungeboard glued onto 300 gsm card ( 140lb weight in the US)the rivets are pearl do dads. The rest is all done with layer of paint etc. Glimmer mists were the first mists I even bought eons ago, but find they do clog up. Now I am loving the Dylusion sprays, plus make up my own as well. Hugs Francesca #90

Frances said...

I am a new follower. Howdy. What an amazing haul, you super scored. Congratulations on your commission. I just had my first custom order and it was so exciting. I sent it out yesterday, it almost feels like I sent a small piece of myself out into the world. Your blog is very cool. Have a great week. Frances #80

Terry said...

Hi Lulu! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! I've heard of making glimmer mists but never tried, should be a huge money saver. I've never been to a scrapping retreat but I can imagine how much a person can get accomplished! Good luck with you newest endeavor!

Barb King said...

Hi Lulu,
Wow, you pack a lot into one post. I use spray inks all the time, I've tried making my own, too, but the ones I like the best are the commercial ones. I love the dylusions bright colors, the Adriondack ones are more muted. Mr' Hueys (I've only tried one) seemed heavy to me.. My first were from Zia of Stamp Zia, she goes to scrapbook and rubber stamp shows, and I love hers. Perfect pearls are nice for shimmer, and I often finish off a card with some Smooch spritz, I love that stuff, but it always clogs, and so it's hard to know how it is going to apply.
I have not been to any retreats, only all day crops and CKC conventions. Have fun with the free stay that you got, I'm sure you will organize a great event. I'm going to follow you, maybe you can follow me! Barb Have a great week.

Jackie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog http://scrapbangwallop.blogspot .com and leaving a comment. I have used mists I like the tattered angels and that was what I used on the latest layout but I have tried rangers, dawn bibby's own cosmic shimmer I have not yet tried to make my own yet , but I do keep thinking about it!!!

sandee said...

I have not made any of my own glimmer mists, just too lazy I think! lol But I do think I need a smaller bottle for water misting as I have been using the one that I use for my plants! So the Dollar store finds sound very appealing!

I have been to several "away" crops and my favorite things are contests, goodie bags and them having a cricut available so I don't have to lug mine there and plenty of space to spread out!

waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

S said...

I can see that you enjoy a bargain find as much as I do. I want to make up some of my own mists too, but first I need to put a bigger dent in the lot of store-bought ones I already have. And the idea of developing a scrapbooking retreat sounds like great fun. Thanks for dropping by my blog - I was glad I came by yours.

barbarabeesblog said...

Wow, great finds - it really itches me to try out all this great stuff! I've only one bottle with glimmer mist and it doesn't work so well...
Thank you for your nice comment on my blog last week and happy WOYWW!
Barbara # 111

Martha Marshall said...

Thank you so much for messaging me after reading my recent blog post about artists' studios. I can't wait to see your studio hop here. That comes next!

But I did want to say how inspiring your blog is, and that I'm impressed with your husband's taste in beer! :) And beer totes. Who would have thought! I'm definitely going to re-purpose a few of those.

bohemiannie! art said...

I do have ONE glitter spray mist that I keep forgetting about! Thanks for the awesomely entertaining post which reminded me to look for it when we get off vacation. So glad I came by your blog. And extra happy you visited mine and left such a lovely compliment. Can't wait to hear about your retreat. Cool Whip!

Anonymous said...

Loved seeing all of your creative goodies and hearing about things you've got coming up! Just stumbled upon your blog and it's happy I did :)

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