Saturday, July 17, 2010

'Anyone Who's Known...' excerpt from my original poem

Howdy and Welcome,
These images are from another page in my art journal #2.

Digital collage of images below - using MS DIE

Whole page from art journal #2 -
the calligraphy is an excerpt from my one of my original poems

Page portion from art journal #2 -
close-up showing journaling in foreign languages
(German, ancient Greek, French, my take on ancient Cuneiform).
Also I added a little bit of musical notation.

fyi in my dreams I speak French and I often wake up with original music playing in my head!

Page portion from art journal #2 -
close-up showing tile made from a TH clear plastic tile wrapped in a piece of aluminum repair tape (from hardware store) that I embossed (using texture plates and my Big Shot), painted with Ranger acrylic dabbers and a little light sanding when dry.  I prefer to use the acrylic paints rather than alcohol inks. There is also a strip of mesh tape (from the hardware store.)

The edges are bordered in scrapbook paper scraps - I save the strips when I trim scrapbook paper. I also organize and store scraps by length and type. But that's for a whole other blog post!

Note: before working on any of the pages in the sketchbook, I covered each page, front and back, with 2" masking tape - to give the substrate more strength in preparation of all the stuff I was hoping to do. If it had been watercolor paper I would not have used the tape all over, maybe on the sides as a border. Love those 'paper tapes' from 7gypsies and tissue tapes from TH.

P.S. You know in all the art journal magazines and articles, they never mention how MUCH PREP goes into making this type of art. I spend a lot of time organizing and prepping, before I even begin to paint!
What do you think of this page? Have you ever experimented with writing foreign languages or writing music notation in your journals?

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