Saturday, July 31, 2010

'Luminous Beings' - art journal page

Howdy and Welcome,

This is another page 'Luminous Beings' from my 2009 art journal #2 'Never Give up - Never Surrender!'
Also almost entered in the Lots To Do Challenge. but too late...

'We are Luminous Beings, not this crude matter...'
- Yoda, from Star Wars 5: 'The Empire Strikes Back'

partial view

partial view showing layered paint textures

close up - top of page

extreme close up

tinted gesso, acrylic paint, highlighters, black sharpie, gel pens. mesh tape (from hardware store), pencil, tissue tape (tim holtz), calligraphy marker (zig), matte medium (liquitex), soft gel gloss medium (golden), pinking shears, chipboard tag of fairy (unknown), gem brad, acrylic paint, deli sandwich wrap, found paper (a piece of a page from my maternal grandfather's art journal! He was an opera singer and an English teacher. Very fragile and brittle paper - I had to gesso it and handle carefully. The #2 - JOY is from my  list of favorite affirmations).

art letering, calligraphy, collage, decoupage, assemblage

This page was a long time coming.
The tag came after a long period because I knew this page was not complete - just did not know what it wanted there. One day while organizing some chipboard I found a bunch of forgotten fairies. I painted her with a toothpick using a brown acyrlic paint so she'd be darker. But then I thought the tag was still too vibrant and too bright for the page. So I decoupaged a small piece of deli wrap over her. Which did the trick - she's just sort of peeking through a layer that looks a bit like vellum.

What do you think of her? Isn't she dreamy?

Thanks for stopping by - and please don't forget to comment!


P.S. Yes I am a HUGE STAR WARS fanatic. I saw the first film of the first trilogy (Star Wars Episode IV) 19 times at the movie theatre! I still watch it, but now on DVD - yippee!


Jeanette said...

Hello, Lulu, I took you up on your invitation to visit your blog. You do beautiful and interesting artwork. I'm sure I'll be back again.

LuLu said...

Howdy Jeannette,

Thanks for stopping by - and for your nice comments!


Wen Redmond said...

Great tips but deli paper- is that like freezer or wax

LuLu said...

Howdy Wen,

Thanks for visiting and for your comment!

Deli paper is like a really THIN wax paper. It's lightly waxed on both sides, and it's very translucent, almost transparent, like vellum. But it's thinner and more flexible than vellum. Almost as thin as craft tissue paper... I love deli paper. Comes in very handy. I also use deli paper for creating inkjet image transfers. Read about deli paper on youTube or someone's blog - don't recall where I read about it.

The box I got at MENARDS has 500 interleaved sheets. You pull a sheet out like pulling out tissue from a kleenex box. Very easy to use.

Also, I use freezer paper, wax paper, tissue paper, paper towels and parchment paper in my art studio! Eventually I want to try decorative napkins...

Please come back soon!


Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful peace of art!!! I love all your stuff and what you have done today!!!!!

LuLu said...

Howdy Emma,

Thanks for your enthusiastic comment! I'm glad you could stop by.

Please comeback again soon!


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