Wednesday, July 14, 2010

'Tonight' poem excerpt

Howdy and Welcome!

Here are closeups from some pages from my 'Art Journal #2 Never Give Up - Never Surrender!'.

Closeups of pages from Art Journal #2 -
 'Never Give Up - Never surrender!'

The italics calligraphy text is an excerpt from 'Tonight', one of my original published poems.

Ingredients: each page of sketch paper covered in 2"wide masking tape both sides, white gesso, tinted gessos, various paints, mediums, techniques, watercolor, acrylic, pens, mesh tape (from hardware store), inks, ZIG calligrapy marker, gel pens, glitter, 14k gold paint.

What do you think of thses closeups? I love the abract quality of these pages. I specifically tried to turn off the analytical side of my brain and let the artwork create it self with little thought or design.

What do you think of the textures, and various layers peeking in and out?

The title of this journal 'Never give up, never surrender!' is a motto from the sci-fi movie 'GALAXY QUEST' with Tim Allen!

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Ophelia said...

WOW!!! I love these pages! Awesome!

LuLu said...
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LuLu said...

Howdy Ophelia,
Thanks for visiting and for your kind remarks. Hope you will stop by again soon when you have a moment or 2!

Mary Lou 'LuLu'
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