Wednesday, February 9, 2011

'WOYWW - 02/09/11 Ready Set Go!'

by Mary Lou 'LuLu' Haynes

Howdy and welcome,

For Whats On Your Workstation Wednesday, I'm showing a rare site - my tidy table! I've been trying very hard to make this space work for me.

 Tidy workstation - ready for next project

 The color section in this photo is 'the current project' rack. But it's full of stuff to be filed.
Over the past few months, I just threw stuff on the rack. Now it's time to sort and organize,
so that the rack can be used for it's intended purpose -
notes, sketches, ideas and inspirations for 'The Current Project'.

These are clear plastic bins for sorting 'stuff' on the current project rack. There is a 3rd rack to the right - not pictured. These are lids from some kitchen storage containers.
This week I'll be sorting the 'stuff'.

Becuase I'm ambidexterous, my work process use tools and supplies from both the left-hand and the right-hand sides of the table. It's not the right-to-left process or left-to-right process, normally recommended for efficient work spaces. Being ambidexterous makes it challenging to setup my 'ideal' efficient workstation - but I'm slowly getting closer.

There is an article from CPS (Cloth Paper Scissors magazine) I just read on the rack. It describes a few traits of an ideal studio - and I'm trying to focus on those traits. The most important traits to me are dedicated homes for WIP (works in progress) and deciated homes for finished works.

What about you? Do you have a right-to-left process? Do you have a dedicated space for WIPs? Or finished works?
Click here for a peek at more WOYWW spaces - so much fun to see where other artists create!
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Marjo said...

Hi Lulu,

Wonderful ideas, I have designated areas for my WIP's. I do keep them in plastic folders. My one problem is that they have to go in a drawer and then I forget about I seem to work better in a little less organized messy space.

I use the cracker box pieces as shims to protect my cuttlebug plates.

Thanks for the peek and sharing. Hugs from Lucky # 2 Marjo

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I have two folders for each WIP I have. I have ONE folder (usually a flat rate envie from the PO (SHHH) that I keep items in I'm collecting. Then I have another folder for the actual WIP pieces. Since I use mostly found objects and things that I find on the street, it's easy to slip them into the WIP folders. Mostly I try to think ahead when I'm involved in a swap. I start saving possible things to use, but put them away when I've completed the swap items if I haven't used them.

Ambidextrous works great on assembly lines, but is more difficult in an artist's studio. I look for whatever tips and tricks you come up with. So please share as you whittle away the "doesn't work" and find the right "does work" system.

jude said...

Well i am in the process of doing the big clearout.As over crimbo just gopt outta hand .Now time for a change .Yes i always have WIP draw and one for the finsihed creations.If i make something new and like it i keep it and make another so have now displayed my works of Art ontop of my storage units rather than hidden away in draw.Hopefully it will be all sorted for you to peek next wednesday.until then have fun i will send the WOYWW elfs to help you!
hugs judex:) 16

Spyder said...

ohoo I'm ambidextrous too and also dyslexic and had no idea how to spell it, (so with your help and blogger, I have!) It was great at school for doing lines, stick the paper down to the desk, three pens in each hand...done in no time!! but at the same time confusing, as I start everything new I do left handed and then swap to my right... knitting and sewing was not my fav thing..but writing backward from right to left with my left hand always fascinated people, not that I've tried that in many years, luckily I no longer have to do lines!! I thought for a moment that your plastic containers might be acetate, I can never throw that out, (washed first, if they've first contained cream buns, of course!! Have a great WOYWW


Susan Allan said...

Wish you luck with your tidy desk!!
You still have quite a few inspiring things around you.
Sue xx 56

Sue said...

Hi Lulu
i sorta have most stuff on the right, or top of my work mat, wip gets left on the mat till i fini it, or just pushed to the side so i dont forget it completley! lol. you look very organised, have good day, happy WOYWW, sue,x(11)


anything out of view, quickly gets forgotten. So for me right in front of me works best. Love your space!

Susan ~ Killam Creative said...

Great share and great questions. My biggest problem is where to put my project ideas as I have them, before any bits are even pulled together. I just started leaving voice notes to myself on my phone and that seems to work. I think I need to carry a sketchbook, too.

In the studio I use a former kitchen table that is 60" wide. After last WOYWW I decided to end the Neverending Pile. This created a lot of workable space and cleared up creative confusion. If I have too much stuff in front of me I get clouded and blocked. And grumpy. Now I have space to ponder WIPs like the multi-page swap I'm involved in now.

Susan #84

S said...

I bet it's a big plus to be ambidextrous as a crafter.

Anonymous said...

I do love a clean and tidy desk, so much fresh promise. I'm right handed but don't have an ideal way of working, and I tend to keep moving the same things over and over again in a session!

Brenda 89

Sam said...

I always admire people who have an organised way of dealing with things. I have a little section on my floor where I keep WIPs but I cannot bear them there for long so I tend to sort them. I too am ambidextrous to a certain degree so have some stuff on right or left. I used to be able to write upside down and can still read stuff upside down! Handy when you are trying to read what is on your boss's desk!! LOL!!
The other time when my room gets tidied is when I have a visitor!!

Sam aka Hettie

Neet said...

You know, it's sort of a long time since I was home and this head of mine cannot remember what I do with work in progress.
Am right handed so none of the problems you have.
Thanks for sharing all this knowledge - and your desk.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh you are so right, i need to find dedicated homes for finished works i have misplaced so many
great post
Hope your week is going well.
take care for now
Hugs June

Julia Dunnit said...

I'm pretty sure we'll all watch your system emerge with great interest Lulu. I don't have the need for a rack..I never have WIPs to house - I'm a stuck in the mud one job at a time gal...good luck, and keep reporting!

okienurse said...

Very neat and organized work space. I need to find homes for some of my finished projects cause I don't have any place to store more. Thanks for sharing.

Nicky said...

Love your neat and organised space - my sort of crafting area ~ Nicky no.9

MaggieC said...

I love your ideas about organisation, but cannot aspire to that standard. I am cross-lateral (right-handed, left-eyed, and right-footed) which can lead to positioning problems occasionally. My equipment is stored in whatever place it actually fits. My projects until recently were all over the place, but now they are all in one large box, ready for me to have a go at once I have finished my present project - knitting the baby shawl. I shall be following you to see you progress to the ideal workspace is going.

Sue from Oregon said...

Super organization. I try...but paper stacks just seem to grow on my, no matter how resolute I try to be!

Sandra said...

I'm always looking for good organisation ... in fact, to be honest, I probably spend more time organising, than I do crafting LOL. But I agree with you totally, a place for WIP is a must :)

Starla said...

I rarely have more than two projects going on at once (not to say that I don't have more than two projects that I should be working on at once!! haha)
For them most part, I have a left to right approach, but I do work some right to left if it is more convient. I will be looking at your space to see how it developes!

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