Wednesday, February 23, 2011

'WOYWW - 02/23/11 - Tidy, Tidy and Todo!'

by Mary Lou 'LuLu' Haynes

Howdy and welcome,

This week I can luxuriate in my tidy, tidy  'current project' rack - and focus on some mini-projects.

And I owe it all to WOYWW which helps me take an objective look at my workstation. Now I see what you see - and sometimes it's just not pretty. But this week it is!

 'Workstation in Winter craft studio - North view'
Legend below


1) Craft iron and embossed wax paper: for a resist project to make backgrounds for art journal pages

2) Mallet, container of chipboard and new metal dies: for noisy project to hammer dies into damp chipboard and quiet project to rubber stamp chipboard with ink

3) Glittery chipboard stickers: for wet project to distress chipboard stickers with tinted gessos, acrylic paints and inks

4) Vinyl pouch (one of my old Lancome makeup bags) and list of supplies from CPS mag: for assembling my watercolor sketch 'go! travel bag'

5) Tidy, Tidy 'current project' rack - yay! This scrapbook rack was bought as a casualty of another scrapbook store closing. It's designed to display scrapbook layouts and open scrapbooks. I bought all three at the going out of business sale. Also, I take these racks to my annual family reuinion to display the heritage scrapbooks I made using my grandmother's antique photos. Very popular scrapbooks! (Granny was the original family historian and scrapbooker. I'm 'saving' her acidic scrapbooks - she left about 30 books. I'm removing the pix into acid-free books and using acid-free supplies. Every 1st Saturday of the month, my 78 yr old father and I go scrapbooking at his 94 yr old aunt Alma's house. She identifies the people and locations, Daddy organizes the piles and I'm the scribe and superviser. We have a great time - it's like an archeological dig!)

What do you think of my Tidy, Tidy 'current project' rack? How many days, weeks or months do you think I can keep it Tidy, Tidy???

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RosC said...

Hi LuLu. I enjoyed my first visit to your space. I'm quite envious of your precious time with Father and Aunt 'saving' the family photos. I would like to do more with my Dad but he's been gone nearly four years now. He was 93 and his stories were starting to change a bit as the memories faded. I miss him, but he was a fine story-teller and that continues in both me and my brother. Thanks for sharing yours.

peggy aplSEEDS said...

lovely space today! great rack you found.
how wonderful to be able to do that with your dad and aunt and how precious are those pages you are making together!

Sherry Goodloe said...

Love that rack! Thanks for stopping by yesterday. I hope my workspace wasn't too messy for your taste *hee hee*

S said...

Saving the family history - good for you. You look tidy and organized enough to accomplish big tasks.

okienurse said...

Very nice work space. Thanks for sharing. Sorry I am so late getting by this week but life happens. Vickie #148

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