Wednesday, February 2, 2011

'WOYWW 2/2/11 - Laminatin' Heaven Inside / Snowtorious Outside!'

by Mary Lou 'LuLu' Haynes

Howdy and welcome,

Outside, here in Chicago, it's the Snowtorious B.I.G. Blizzard of 2011. But inside it's warm and comfy where I'm finishing up a little project to organize my future art projects. (We are so blessed to still have heat and power.).

The challenge was gathering supplies every time a new project is started. I was always neglecting to take something out - and then I was scrambling for something before medium or paint got too dry to manipulate.

So I decided that a supplies list was in order - a permanent list to use every time I start working on a project, including a written goal of what I want to accomplish during the art session. This way I can stay focused, be more efficient, effective and hopefully, more productive. Up until now, most of my art sessions have been random and serendipitous. I'd just work on whatever caught my fancy. Or experiment with whatever technique I'd just read about.

 Left to right: Golden Interference acrylic paint
(in a travel shampoo bottle with
 dabber applicator top), Xyron 510 refill,
YES! paste,
Permanent Supplies List, Xyron 510

You can see the laminated Supplies List just peeking out from under the right edge of the  Xyron 510 refill.

To make the list, I picked a sheet of Strathmore Bristol paper from my stash that was used as an experiment for calligraphy practice. It also had gold glitter all over it. I picked this Bristol paper because it's like thick cardstock. Then I covered it with some tinted gesso, and let that dry. I added a glaze from my stash I'd concocted with Golden Interference acrylic paint. Then I cut the paper in half from top to bottom and adhered the two pieces back to back with Xyron 510 permanent adhesive.

Next, I stuck a small double-sided tab in between the sheets at the top. It has one of my initials on each side. I adhered the tabs using my little Xyron 'X' sticker maker.

Then, I hand printed the list using a Sakura Glaze pen and printed the title with the calligraphy tip of a Copic pen. At first, I was going to type my list into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, but changed my mind. I decided that a hand printed list would be much prettier to look at for the next few years...

After the inks dried, I switched out the Xyron 510 perm adhesive refill for the Xyron 510 laminating refill. Then laminated the list. This was the first time I did any laminating with the Xyron. Not sure I did it 100% correctly, but it came out great for my purposes.

By the way, I also re-organized my workstation again before I started this project. My goals were to get as much stuff off my table as possible and to only have 1 current project on the table - in addition to my regular essential tools. I'm still working towards these goals, but getting a lot closer!

Here is a peek at more WOYWW artist desks.

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Pam said...

This all sounds very organised I never prep before I start then wonder why everything takes me twice as long

S said...

Prepping in an orderly fashion is a good idea; I don't have that kind of discipline though. Thanks for dropping by my blog; see you next week.

Leonie said...

oooh i do like you photo's- very arty!
happy WOYWW!- as belated as i am!- i blame the time difference in austrlia!
xxx fairy leonie xx

Tertia said...

My that sounds like hard work, but I am sure it will be so worth it. Some very interesting things hiding on your desk.

okienurse said...

WOW talk about organized! I tend to just drag things out, put them off to the side, drag more things out until it looks like a garage sale in progress. Thanks for sharing with me and visiting my blog. Stay warm in Chicago. It has been so cold here in Okieland and I haven't been out in 3 days!
Vickie #80

Sue said...

Hi Lulu
oh i wish i could be that organised, i just grab whatever takes me fancy, great piccies,keep safe & warm. have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x (36)

oneoff said...

That is so very organised; I am thinking that it would do me good to take lessons. I like those glass containers for your pens and scissors, and your pretty pyramid clock on the ledge.

Thanks for visiting me. Stay safe and warm in that storm. I love your city, and have been there in a foot of snow before (brrrr!) but I guess that's nothing compared to the current blizzard.


Effie said...

Thanks for stopping by and saying hello!

Neet said...

It's good to prep although I can't say I always do any.
Hope the blizzards I have seen on tv whilst over here in America (sorry sunny CA)don't cause you any problems and it is all soon over with. #17

MaggieC said...

How organised are you, gathering all your "ingredients" before you start. I get an idea and gather the bits as I need them from wherever they have landed up. Yours is a much calmer sounding process. I must try it.

Victoria said...

happy woyww never laminated looks interesting - thank you for visiting me x

Shazsilverwolf said...

Looks like a really cool project, TFS, Shaz #108

Anonymous said...

So how is Chicago this morning? Michigan escaped relatively unscathed where I am, we have a bunch of snow but the roads are pretty good and I got to work safely this morning. They were called it Snowmageddon here, and then because the worst of it pushed North, over us, the radio announcer changed it to Snow-we're-not-geddon"!! That's an incredibly organized way to work, I'm really impressed!!

Brenda 91

Susan Allan said...

I like your idea of making a plan. I am still at the serendipitous stage and it is driving me mad as nothing ever gets finished. Time to start planning.
Lovely to 'meet' you.
Have a lovely day
Sue xx

Sarpreet said...

great workspace, happy WOYWW, thank you for sharing, #9

Elizabeth said...

Having a list sounds like a great idea except that the materials differ depending on the project. However, I like the idea of being that organised. Great photos. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Elizabeth x #96

Julia Dunnit said...

Now I know that storage and organisation are the crafter's second hobby, but you're turning the organisation part into a seperate art form! Go you - and report back on if you think it really works!

Anonymous said...

Great plan and lovely work space! thanks for sharing :)

Marlene x

LuLu said...

Howdy Elizabeth,

Yeah it does seem risky to have a perm list - but this list is for all the supplies I always use. So I should be ok for a while.

Thn aks for visiting and come back soon!


Marjo said...

Thanks for the peak and sharing, hugs Marjo #1

Starla said...

Thanks for the snoop! Star 125

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